Special Event Workshops

Annette Federico is now available as a workshop instructor who will come to your area to teach!

Hire Annette to work with your students on improvisation ("freestyle" dance), intricate veil work, zills (finger cymbals), and performing cabaret – style belly dance like a pro! Classes on floor work are also available upon request.

Her expertly prepared workshops include handouts, video support, and DVDs (available for purchase). All workshops are two hours in length. Combine two for a full day's work, or
schedule several for a weekend retreat! Contact Annette for rates, travel fees, etc…
Read below for workshop descriptions; contact Annette for details or questions.
E-mail:[email protected]
Phone: (559)-­549-3850,
8:00am to 5:00pm, PST.

Media Reviews

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Industry Workshops

Zills: An Endangered Species
By Annette Federico
September/October 2013 issue

 "I fear that playing finger cymbals will become a lost art. "Not while I live!" says the intrepid belly dance instructor!"

Media Reviews

icon Zaghareet Magazine
Industry Workshops

A week dedicated to classic
American cabaret belly dance

November/December 2012 issue

"Annette provided what I value in a workshop instructor: She gave clear instructions, was willing and able to answer questions, included (accurate, not fanciful) historical information and context... and on top of all that, she gave us a good workout."

Instant Combo Workshop

Every improvisational belly dancer should have a vocabulary of combinations readily accessible.  In this workshop, Annette delivers a package of combinations ready to become building blocks for your original routines.   Also, she offers instruction on how to easily modify the combinations to fit music and how to “compose” your own combinations using the tools she provides.  Detailed handouts are included.  

Zill Boot Camp: Zills for the Dancer

Longa and Baladi are the two patterns which will be introduced during this workshop. Participants will learn the proper zill technique to provide optimal facility while preventing stress and injury to hands and wrists. Besides learning the necessary basic music theory and zill patterns, emphasis will be on incorporating zills with dance moves. Printed handouts of practice drills and zill patterns along with a list of recommended music will be provided to participants.

Raks Araby Choreography

Raks Araby is the name of a classic George Abdo song.  Participants in this workshop will learn an advanced-beginning to intermediate-level choreography designed to teach the theory of freestyle, or improvisational belly dance.  In this class, the emphasis is on how the steps are set to the music and what the process of improvisational dance entails for the dancer, as well as discussion of how one’s dance can tell a story.  Instruction in combining steps, transitions, and basic music theory necessary for dance are also covered.   An accompanying DVD will be available for purchase.

"Valley Veil" Workshop

"Valley Veil" is the name given to a particular style of veil movement and dance germane to cabaret dancers from California's San Joaquin Valley. It was dubbed "Valley Veil" by dancers due to the repeated comments they heard about its originality and how well it lends itself to the story-telling aspect of cabaret-style dance. It begins with the veil wrapped and attached to the dancer's costume; its removal becomes an intriguing, integral part of the performance.

Following the workshop, participants will have online access to video from class for review and practice.

Vintage American Cabaret

Whether you call it “vintage,” or “retro,” or “old school,” American Cabaret Style remains classic belly dance.  From its birth in the clubs and restaurants of Cairo in the ‘40s and ‘50s to its current incarnation in clubs and restaurants in the United States, it remains an audience favorite for its excitement, variety, and entertainment.
Following a brief discussion of its origin and structure, participants will partake of instruction in the components of a basic cabaret routine:
zills, veil, combinations, and drum solo.  Participants can also expect to dance through a short, but complete, routine as part of the workshop.

Printed information and YouTube support are included.  Participants should bring a 3 to 3.5 yard veil to the workshop; zills are strongly recommended, but not required.

“I really like Annette…. And it doesn’t matter what she is teaching.” Sandra, Virginia

Private Lessons & Events

Private instruction is offered for the serious dancer.  Dancers who desire more intense training and who see performance as a goal for their dancing are invited to study privately with Annette, subject to time availability.  Private lessons are geared toward advanced musical interpretations, organization of performance programs, and instruction in performing with props.  Please contact Annette ([email protected]) for more information and time availability.

Belly dancing class , instruction , preformances

  • Instruction for all levels of belly dancing.
  • Private events, parties and conventions.
  • Local venues that feature Annette's dancing..

Some comments about Annette’s workshops:

"Annette is an awesome performer, often very comedic to the joy and surprise of her audience, very skillful as evidenced by her amazing Turkish drops, fluttering belly rolls, beautiful and intriguing veil work, fabulous floor work and sizzling sword!”

“Annette's workshops were wonderful; I learned a lot and had tons of fun! Her exuberant and yet down to earth teaching style mixed with her talent and experience made for enjoyable and valuable classes.”

Local Belly Dancing Events:

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Local Belly Dancing Class:
Every week, check our calendar for details.

Private parties and events, call for details and bookings.

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