Intermediate/ Advance Dance


This is a course for the dancer who has mastered the Beginning and Beyond Beginning curriculum, has some facility with zils, and is ready to move on to something more challenging.  Since Annette is trained in freestyle, or improvisational dance, the emphasis here is on increasing one’s vocabulary of steps and learning to interpret musical phrasing through dance with the goal of dancing as a soloist, whether for public performance or personal edification.   This class explores more complex floor moves, more intricate zil patterns, beginning cane dance, and veil work.  Would you like to explore more floor?   Wail with a veil?  Then this is the class for you!

This class meets Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00pm in The Cube at Studio 65, located at 2965 N. Maroa, just south of Shields (two doors west of the south studio entrance).   The fee is $80.00 for an eight–week session and classes are on–going; please contact instructor for registration. ([email protected])

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Private Lessons & Events

Private instruction is offered for the serious dancer.  Dancers who desire more intense training and who see performance as a goal for their dancing are invited to study privately with Annette, subject to time availability.  Private lessons are geared toward advanced musical interpretations, organization of performance programs, and instruction in performing with props.  Please contact Annette ([email protected]) for more information and time availability.

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  Belly Dance

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