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Raks Araby: Setting Steps to Music

Learn the art of belly dancing with Annette in this fun, beginner-level, step-by-step video. In a series of lessons designed to learn a dance set to George Abdo's "Raks Araby," this clearly demonstrated video will have you dancing in no time. As a companion guide to a beginning class or instructional DVD, it will prove a valuable instructional tool for any dancer interested in the art of "freestyle" belly dance. Annette's teaching philosophy is one that, initially, emphasizes technique and acquisition of a vocabulary of steps. As a student becomes proficient, the theory of "freestyle," or improvisational, dance is studied; that is, how to interpret the music, its melody and musical phrasing, through dance. Zils are taught from the beginning level so that there is optimum opportunity for study and practice in incorporating them into movement.

Whether a dancer is at the beginning of her journey, or seeking training as part of the tapestry of her ongoing experience, Annette looks forward to working with all women who wish to explore this ancient and celebratory art form.

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